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Pure and genuine religion...means caring for orphans and widows in their distress...

James 1:27

Becky's Corner

Orphanage's & Retreats

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Becky loves serving the Lord through hosting and supporting her husband Ronnie with the Touch of the Master’s Hand Horsemanship Clinics. She also carries out her own special mission and calling, which includes her involvement with an orphanage in Guatemala and leading Ladies Intensive Bible Retreats.

Casa De Mi Padre

Becky is on the board of directors for the Casa De Mi Padre (CDMP) Orphanage in Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala. She helps support the staff at the orphanage, raises funds, and brings other individuals with gifts and talents to help meet the needs of the children at Casa De Mi Padre.

Becky traveled to Guatemala several years ago to help with the purchase of land for Casa De Mi Padre. To learn more about the details of Casa De Mi Padre please check out


Bible Retreats

Another one of Becky’s passions is coordinating ladies intensive Bible retreats.  Women gather for 4 days of in-depth Bible study that is presented by teacher Jodi Denning of Florida.


Since 2014, three groups of ladies have been meeting for these retreats, two in the state of Colorado, another in the state of Texas, and recently at her home in Kansas. More groups are forming as the Lord leads.

If you are interested in learning more about ladies intensive Bible retreats, contact Becky on Facebook or via e-mail!


Excited about the Lord, Becky Moyer is available for your ladies’ events and short retreats.  A mother of 3 grown girls, Becky weaves down-to-earth experiences and humor into the practical Biblical application of God’s Word.   Understanding that an intimate relationship with God is available to each of us drives Becky’s passion. 

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