“If you change how the horse is thinking, it will change how the horse is feeling, and that will change how the horse responds…it’s the same with people!”

Horsemanship Clinics


If you are interested in developing a better understanding of the horse’s mind, reaching into the depth of the horse’s heart, and building a right relationship with your horse through willing submission rather than conformity, then the Touch of the Master’s Hand Horsemanship Clinics are for you. These clinics are designed to help you discover principles that lead to meaningful relationships through true freedom for both you and your horse.

To learn more about the principles behind these relationships, check out Touch of the Master’s Hand: A Biblical View of Relationships Through True Horsemanship available for purchase on Amazon.

Come Be Our GuesT!

There are different clinic formats to choose from or schedule your own private clinic with family and/or friends. Come be our guest at our home on the range on the edge of the Flint Hills in north-central Kansas!

Two Day Weekend Clinic

Limited to Four Horses & Four Auditors! This clinic has proven to be perfect for busy people. The clinic provides an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the true nature of the horse while practicing clear and consistent communication skills to build confidence in both you and your horse.


Five Day intensive Clinic
Biblical Horsemanship Training

Limited to Four Horses. This training is directed toward those sincerely searching for a deeper understanding and a greater appreciation for a right relationship with their horse, others, and God. Designed to give participants an intensive week of horsemanship training and sound Biblical teaching. Lease Horses Available.

Private Clinics
horsemanship | Trail riding | Working Ranch

Designed and personalized for each individual and their horse or horses. You choose how many horses come, and how many days you stay and I’ll design a clinic specifically for you! This clinic format will work toward building the confidence needed for both the horse and rider to enjoy riding the trail together as well as working as willing partners. Lease Horses Available. This has become our most popular clinic format!

Private horsemanship Lessons

You can schedule lessons by the hour or by the day. Kid horses available for lessons.



“I can't believe how much I learned in just TWO days. Thanks so much”

—  Jake, Montana

Want to Host A Clinic?


Most clinics are done at private homes.  The facility need not be fancy but it must be friendly. Clinics are designed to be fun and filled with good food and fellowship. Contact me for more information and details.