Five Day Intensive Biblical Horsemanship Training

“The schedule is flexible however our goal is to serve you and give you the most for your investment.”


1658 Prairie Road

Washington, Kansas 66968

Age Requirements

Participants must be 18 years of age or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian also enrolled in the same clinic as either a rider or an auditor.


  • The schedule is flexible and designed for small intimate groups to ensure plenty of personal instruction and practice for everyone. Our daily schedule will be determined by the horses needs and the participants desires.

  • I like to start each horse individually in the round pen at liberty then on line before riding however riders are always welcome to work on whatever they believe is most beneficial to them and their horse or horses.

  • Our indoor arena provides a round pen and obstacle course for riding regardless of the weather.

  • The pasture provides an excellent environment for riding horses. There are hills to ride over, creeks to cross and trees to ride through.

  • Designed to give participants an intensive week of horsemanship training as well as sound Biblical teaching especially as it relates to relationships.

  • Horsemanship Training includes a study and discussion of horse behavior, practice of proper horse communication skills, round-pen work, ground work, and riding.

  • Each day will conclude with supper and a time of studying Biblical views of relationships as well as a time for questions and discussion.

  • Enjoy visiting with friends while snuggling up to the fireplace or relax while sitting on one of the balconies overlooking the horse meadow.

  • Enjoy visiting with friends while snuggling up to the fireplace or relax while sitting on one of the balconies overlooking the horse meadow.

  • We try to get started by 9:00 AM and wrap up each day around 4:00 PM.

Pricing & Discounts
  • Five Day Intensive Biblical Horsemanship Training $650/horse (includes meals)

  • Limited to 4 horses. Participants may bring multiple horses if there is room and arrangements are made ahead of time.

  • Deposit $250 (deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable).

  • Horses available for lease $250

  • Auditors welcome $350 (includes meals)

Accommodations - Reservation Required
  • Rooms: $20/night (space is limited)

  • Indoor horse stall $20/night (stalls have automatic waterers & corner feeders)

  • Outside horse pen $10/night (Feed tubs provided however please bring water buckets)

  • Bedrooms are located downstairs and furnished with twin size beds that can be made into one king size bed for couples.

  • Guests share one full bathroom downstairs with an additional half bath available on the main floor upstairs.

  • Towels, wash cloths, and bedding are provided!

  • If more privacy is preferred or you have dietary needs a motel or full RV hookups are available in town (both less than two miles away).

Things To Bring
  • While we do have an indoor arena, the arena is not heated or air conditioned, so participants will want weather appropriate clothing.

  • Bible, notebook and pen.

  • Prairie Grass Hay and bedding for indoor stalls are available for purchase or participants are welcome to bring their own hay and bedding for their horses. (Stalls have automatic waters and corner feeders in them).

  • The outside pens have feed tubs however participants will want to bring your own water buckets.

  • Comfortable chair for sitting in the arena.


Horsemanship Training is directed toward those sincerely searching for a deeper understanding of the true nature of the horse, themselves, and God. It is my hope that this training will enrich people’s lives with their horses and more importantly with the True Master Jesus Christ. If you are up for the challenge of developing a deeper understanding and a greater appreciation of the horse, others, and God, then one of these weeks is for you!
I look forward to sharing the journey and trail with you as we grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Ronnie Moyer